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UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

Appointments and Referrals

How to become a patient at UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

Patient with doctorYour doctor may refer you to UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center. If your health insurance plan gives you the flexibility for self-referral, you may schedule an appointment on your own. Please call our New Patient Referral Office to make a first appointment.

New Patient Referral Office
916-734-5959 or
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

When you call, we will collect your basic information from you. This includes your name, contact information and insurance information. We will also ask you for the information we will need to have your medical records sent to us. Our New Patient Referral Office will mail you a new patient information packet.

Once we receive your medical records, we will contact you to schedule your first appointment. The coordinator will also talk with you about any X-rays, mammograms, CT scans, MRIs or other images that you may need to hand-carry to your first appointment.

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center Clinics

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center
2279 45th Street
Sacramento, CA 95817
New patient appointments: 916-734-5959 or 800-770-9261
Return appointments: 916-734-5959
Map, directions and parking 



UC Davis Placer Center for Health
550 West Ranch View Drive, Suite 2005
Rocklin, CA 95765
Return appointments: 916-295-5700
Map, directions and parking 




UC Davis Medical Group, Elk Grove
8110 Laguna Boulevard
Elk Grove, CA 9575
Return appointments: 916-683-3955
Map, directions and parking 




If you wish, you may be seen at a UC Davis Cancer Care Network site: 

UC Davis Cancer Care Network

AIS Cancer Center
2620 Chester Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93301
Phone: 661-395-3000

SJCH-AIS Cancer Center


Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest
Cancer Center

10121 Pine Avenue
Truckee, CA 96161
Phone: 530-582-6450

Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center


Mercy Cancer Center
3850 G Street
Merced, CA 95340
Phone: 209-564-3600

Mercy Cancer Center


Rideout Cancer Center
618 Fifth Street
Marysville, CA 95901
Phone: 530-749-4400

Rideout Cancer Center


The following information will help you get organized for your first appointment at UC Davis Cancer Center. To make a first appointment, please call our New Patient Referral Office:

New Patient Referral Office
916-734-5959 or 800-770-9261
Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.




Before your first visit

  • Review the list of X-rays, mammograms, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs, PET scans, glass slides, pathology reports or other items that you were asked to hand-carry with you to your first appointment. If any of these is missing or if you have questions, please call the New Patient Referral Office for assistance.
  • Fill out the three forms you received in your New Patient Guide. You may also print out a new form.
  • Decide whom you would like to list as an emergency contact and be sure you have that person's current phone number(s) and address. You will need to give this information to the receptionist when you check in for your first appointment.
  • Write down the questions and concerns you want to bring up with your doctor at your first appointment.
  • Consider asking a family member or friend to come with you to your appointment. It can be helpful to have someone else along to listen what the doctor says and perhaps take notes.

What to bring to your first visit

  • A family member or friend, if possible. If someone is not available to be with you, please visit our New Patient Support  section for information on our Peer Navigator program.
  • Your X-rays and any other items you were asked to hand-carry to your first appointment.
  • A completed Patient Medical QuestionnaireNotices of Privacy Practices form and Personal Medication Record Card. Please note that a different medical questionnaire is required for patients with gynecologic or urologic cancers.
  • The name, phone number(s) and address of a person who can be contacted in case of an emergency.
  • Your health insurance card(s), including Medicare or Medi-Cal cards.
  • Any co-payment required by your insurance.
  • A list of questions for your doctor and a pen and paper to write down the answers.
  • Two dollars for parking (parking at the Cancer Center is $2 with validation — please bring your parking ticket with you and ask the receptionist to validate it when you check in for your appointment). More information on alternate transportation options and parking near the Cancer Center can be found on our Parking and Transportation page.

Checking in for your first appointment

When you arrive for your appointment, the receptionist at the front desk in the main lobby can direct you where you will need to go. If you are a new patient at the Cancer Center, please plan to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled first visit. If you are new to UC Davis Health System, you will be asked to provide insurance information.

If you are a physician in the UC Davis Medical Group or Cancer Care Network, you may refer a patient by contacting our Physician Referral Center at 916-734-5959. If you are an external physician, please call our New Patient Referral Office at 916-734-5959 or 800-770-9261. You may also refer a patient to a specialist by using our Find a Doctor database to search by name or specialty.

Information about available Phase I trials:

  • Call the Phase I Program Manager at 916-382-6970

To refer a patient to the Phase I clinic:

  • Please use the fax cover sheet  to ensure that the patient's information reaches our Phase I referral coordinator.

Phase I referral center info:

  • Phone: 916-703-5233
  • Fax: 916-703-5266