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UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

Tax Information

UC Davis Health System is recognized as a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) public charity by the Internal Revenue Service.

Your gift to the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center qualifies as a charitable deduction for federal tax purposes as permitted by law.

Give online to UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center
Give online to UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

Why People Give to UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Giving to Cancer Center

People like Jim Otto, a national hero of the NFL.  People like you

They are giving $25 or $1,000,000, but they are all giving for the same reasons.  They know from their own experience as cancer patients, or from their experience with a friend or member of the family with cancer, or from their knowledge that the highest levels of cancer care and expertise is as important to the region’s future as its basketball team or its systems for protection from floods. 

Jim Otto“It’s a blessing that I was brought to UC Davis Cancer Center where I got everything I needed to be a survivor. All throughout my career I have wanted to be associated with the best players, coaches, teams.  When I went into treatment, I simply knew I was getting the best in the world.”
— Jim Otto, NFL Hall of Fame

Indeed, cancer is like a flood: one of every two people alive today has had or will develop cancer.  It is the disease that is never very far away from any of us.

Cancer is never far, and the best kind of cancer care should not be far away, either. Care backed by years and years of real experience with thousands of cases and years and years of research, UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center may be a familiar name to you, but you might not know that it is in the top one percent of cancer centers in the United States with comprehensive designation by the National Cancer Institute

Why?  It is designated for two reasons.  First, we care for patients.  While many facilities offer compassionate care, we also offer our patients the benefits of major contributions to research.  Through clinical trials and the freshest, boldest approaches to survival and regained quality of life, physicians bring that research to bear on every patient seen.  You might not know that in 2009, research funding to the members of the cancer center topped $100,000,000.  And you might not know that its teams of sophisticated cancer specialists and certified oncology nurses provides the highest standards of care when you or your loved one, your friend, or colleague need it here, not in Houston, not in New York, not in Boston, but right here in Sacramento.

People giving to UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, increasingly, are not doing it alone; they are prompting their friends, their business partners and associates, their golfing buddies, their civic partners, their teammates to make giving a community that cares about cancer.

Depending on the reasons you decide to give to UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, certain programs may be of particular interest.  All matter a great deal to the future of the cancer center:

  • Memorial and tribute funds are designed especially for those wishing to memorialize a patient or honor a physician.
  • Research giving initiatives (endowments) target areas of notable research strength at UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center such as basic science, clinical research, prostate, breast, and lung cancer, cancer genetics, and cancer immunology.
  • Estate and gift planning provide the satisfaction and benefits of future contributions now.

Remember, it is people like you.

Ways to give

You can donate online now or you can send your contribution by mail by downloading our donor form (PDF) and mailing it to us at the following address:

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center
Health Sciences Development
4900 Broadway, Suite 1150
Sacramento, CA 95820

If you have questions, please call 916-734-9433.