We are located in a suite of labs in Tupper Hall with room numbers 1429 A-K. The main lab is in room 1429J. They are on the first (1st) floor [some would call it the basement]. We can be reached by phone at either 530-752-4701 (main lab) or 530-752-3165.

The lab can be reached from Hutchison Drive either from the main campus or from the freeway. There is easy access from 113 North to Woodland. It has recently been given the supplementary name of Exit 70. Take the off-ramp from I-80. Then make a right turn on to Hutchison Dr. Make a right-hand turn on to Health Sciences Dr. Turn right at the “T”. Turn into the large parking lot 53 at the back of the building where a daily permit can be purchased for $8. The machine does not give change but will accept a credit card.

Tupper Hall is the four-story building. One of the stories is below ground. It was the biggest building before the six-story Genome building went up to the north. Use the outside staircase at the North end of the building, don’t go into the building. Enter the center doors. There are double doors (orange) on the right side a couple of doors down from the first right/left- hallway. There is a sign on the door saying ‘EM Suite’. The main lab is the last door on the right, 1429 J. Just look around to find Pat. If doors are closed, knock and wait for a response.