Telemedicine Specialties - Adult

Since inception, the Center for Health and Technology Telehealth Program has provided over 43,000 consultations across 50 counties to over 200 sites.

Below is a list of adult specialties along with the referral guidelines accessible by clicking on each specialty.

Dermatology - Store and Forward
Emergency Medicine*
Genomic Medicine*
Infectious Diseases* (Hepatology*)
Neuromuscular Disease Medicine
Ophthalmology - Store and Forward*
Pulmonary and Critical Care (Inpatient)*
Thoracic Surgery

*Offered by contract only.  For contracted services or specialties not listed, please contact Candace Sadorra, UCD Health Clinical Telehealth Program Manager, at (916) 734-4243 or Download a copy of our specialties: TelemedicineSpecialtyListing.pdf.

  1. Complete a Telehealth Referral Request Form and fax it to (866) 622-5944 along with any documentation outlined in the referral guidelines (see "Specialties" sections, above left, for specific guidelines).  For specialties not listed, please provide as much documentation as possible to assist us in securing a one-time consultation, though this is not always possible depending on departmental staffing and resources.

  2. A Telehealth coordinator will call you to schedule your appointment, and/or request additional information, if necessary.  We will also provide you with instructions on how to connect for your consultation.  We ask that all sites test the connection prior to the appointment date to ensure good audio/visual quality and review the use of any external telehealth peripherals that might be needed during the consultation.

  3. Please remember to confirm the appointment with your patient two business days prior to the date of the consultation.

  4. On the day of the appointment, please provide your patient with a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices and fax a signed copy of our Acknowledgement of Receipt form to (866) 622-5944 prior to beginning the consult.  Document your patient's verbal consent to participating in a telehealth consultation in your patient's chart/electronic record.