Pediatric Hematology Research Laboratory

The Pediatric Hematology Research Laboratory was established in May, 1969 and its primary function, as its name implies, has been one of research, with special focus on von Willebrand disease and hemophilia in both humans and animals. The laboratory has served as the diagnostic arm of the Hemophilia Treatment Center since its inception and is certified by the California Department of the Health Services and Health Care Financing Administration of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Current Clinical Trials

Our research team is currently conducting several clinical trials for long-acting Factor VIII and Factor IX products, and has plans to participate in several other trials for new treatment products. In many cases, both pediatric and adult patients are eligible to participate in these trials. Since the information about these studies changes very quickly and the criteria to participate in any of them is very stringent, interested parties should contact our treatment center office for more information.

Past Research Studies

Clinical Trials

  • Assessment of the efficacy of various hemophilia factor concentrates, such as Koate and Konyne, since the 1970's
  • Long-term clinical study describing the "variability" of diagnostic tests in a large population of patients with von Willebrand disease
  • World's largest single center experience with recombinant FVIII (Kogenate) studies leading to FDA approval
  • Evaluation of the safety and effectiveness of Koate-DVI (double viral inactivated)
  • Assessment of Alphanate and Humate-P in von Willebrand disease

Animal Studies

  • Comparison of the thrombogenicity of commercially available prothrombin complex concentrates
  • Factor VIII immune tolerance experiments
  • Gene therapy of FVIII
  • Pharmacokinetic studies with PEG-Kogenate and Recombinate