August 13, 2012

Scores rose on an overwhelming majority of the questions on the 2012 Staff Engagement Survey in comparison to the previous survey in 2009, and participation in the survey was higher in 2012 than 2009.

For the 2012 Staff Engagement Survey, scores were higher than the 2009 survey on 52 of 57 questions. The 5,250 employees who took the 2012 survey are 11 percent higher than the total for 2009.

View the overall results from the 2012 Staff Engagement Survey.

"These results are a positive statement about every single person's efforts over the past few years to make this an even better place to work," said Steve Chilcott, executive director, Human Resources.

Employees were asked to assign a score from 1 to 5 on each of the survey's questions, with 1 indicating the least favorable impression and 5 signifying the most favorable. Two of the more notable results are as follows:

  • UC Davis Health's efforts to promote environmental sustainability registered the highest improvement in score, with 92 percent of respondents providing a favorable or neutral response. The score for this topic -- which became a focus area of improvement following the 2009 survey -- increased from 3.64 to 3.91.
  • Among nurses, the composite score for multiple questions indicating overall engagement or commitment is 4.29, above the national average of 4.14 among University Health System Consortium organizations.
Advancing our Strategic Plan

Goal # 5: Excellence in People
Attract, retain and mentor excellent and diverse faculty, staff, students, trainees and leaders. 

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The 2012 survey is the UC Davis Health's third staff engagement survey and Human Resources utilized the same format as in the 2007 and 2009 surveys. Chilcott said that officials from Morehead Associates, Inc., the consulting firm that conducted the survey, were particularly impressed with the UC Davis Health's progress, given the very challenging economic climate.

As with prior surveys, the UC Davis Health has designated an area of strength and an area of potential improvement upon which to focus on in the coming years. Both are prominently included in the UC Davis Health's five-year Strategic Plan. This institutional focus will be supplemented by departmental action plans based upon survey results for each department.

The focus area of strength will be on the statement, "UC Davis Health cares about quality improvement." Ninety-six percent of survey respondents ranked this statement as favorable or neutral, and survey results have improved in this area compared to both prior surveys.

"This statement has a universal appeal as all of our employees are focused on quality improvement to improve lives and transform health care," said Chilcott. "Whether a person provides clinical care, supports the administrative needs of our clinicians, assures an optimal learning environment for our students, develops protocols to translate research discoveries, this has a direct impact on each of us."

The focus area of improvement will be on the statement, "I am satisfied with the recognition I receive for doing a good job." Twenty-three percent of respondents rated this statement unfavorably.

"Although our survey results on this item have improved since our first survey in 2007, further attention is needed to ensure more employees are recognized for the incredible contributions they make each and every day," said Chilcott. "We will be making announcements in the near future about plans to redesign our employee recognition programs to streamline and enhance them based on employee feedback."

Departmental results and action plans

Managers will begin receiving their passwords to access the survey results for their work areas on Aug. 20. An Employee Engagement Survey Workshop will be held at 11 a.m. on Aug. 28 and at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Aug. 29. This workshop is for managers and supervisors to explain how to access the online survey results and use the data to make improvements. Managers and supervisors can enroll to attend through UC Learning Center using course number 07487. 

As in 2009, managers will be asked to complete action plans after identifying their departmental focus areas. This year, the action planning process will be online.

Questions about the survey or the results can be directed to Human Resources at 916-734-5007.