Service Award Program

The service time described in this section relates to service awards and leave accrual. It does not apply to retirement or seniority point calculations.

Staff members are eligible for service awards after completing 10 years of service, and for every five years of UC employment thereafter (15, 20, 25, etc.).  In addition to receiving a service award, employees are given a higher accrual rate for vacation as they accumulate service. The average vacation accrual rate increases at 10, 15, and 20 years by approximately two additional hours a month for full-time employees, up to up to a maximum of 16 hours (vacation) or 18.46 hours (PTO) at 20 years of qualifying service.

Reference:  Leave Code and Associated Accruals 

Human Resources will provide a service award notice and service recognition pin to hospital directors or school deans based on the service time generated from a report.  If a manager or employee feels that the service time is incorrect, they will need to work with their department Records Analyst in order to review their payroll records and correct any discrepancies in the Payroll Personnel System (PPS) and eHR system.  If their research, including confirming time from other state employers (all University of California locations, DOE laboratories, and State of California), reveals that the employee had not worked the appropriate time to be eligible for the service pin the department needs to return the service award pin to Human Resources Records Unit.

A new or rehired employee who has employment service credit with another University of California (UC) campus, DOE (Department of Energy) Lab, or State of California service should work with their department Records Analyst to obtain verification of prior service.   The “Request for Verification of Previous Employment" form can be used to obtain verification from outside agencies.

Service credit is accepted from the following employers:

  • University of California campuses, medical centers, health systems, and Office of the President
  • California State University campuses
  • Department of Energy laboratories – Los Alamos National Laboratory; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • State of California agencies

Should the department need assistance in the interpretation of UC Davis Health policy related to vacation accrual and service awards, or if a manager believes that their employee is eligible for a service award and they have not received a notice, they should contact the Records Analyst assigned to their department.