WorkStrong Program


The WorkStrong program is a University of California systemwide program developed with the expertise and collaborative support of UC staff in wellness programs, occupational health and rehabilitation services.  It was designed to promote recovery and prevent future workplace injuries.  Each UC campus has its own unique program to suit the needs of the employees at their location. 

UC Davis Health’ WorkStrong program enrolled its first participant in October 2011.  After initial referral by Sedgwick, CMS the Universities Workers' Compensation Third Party Administrator, participants are enrolled after the Employee Health physician’s evaluation. This program provides a continuity of care for employees that have been injured on the job, and have often completed physical therapy before starting in the WorkStrong program.
WorkStrong programs are designed to fit the specific needs of an individual with the goal to improve overall health and wellness.

The specific program may include some or all of the following components:

 •  Fitness and Post Rehabilitation training physical therapists and certified trainers establish programs designed to promote recovery from injury or promote better fitness, as well as coaching on injury prevention strategies, exercises and fitness improvement

• Nutrition training and consultation with a registered dietitian to assess current diet and eating habits and offer suggestions and strategies for a healthy, balanced diet.

• “Survival Skills in the Workplace”   provides education in Life balance and stress reduction, provides strategies and activities to increase awareness about stress levels and managing stress.  This also includes behavior modification strategies and tools to integrate into daily life activities beyond the program

• UC Living Fit Forever provides onsite fitness classes for Workstrong graduates to continue their wellness lifestyles

• Tobacco Cessation Programs Health Management and Education offers free quit smoking programs for our staff. STop Tobacco program focuses on empowering tobacco users to overcome the addiction. It incorporates behavior modification, an overview of the medications, addiction education and relapse prevention. Various tools and strategies are offered and a multidisciplinary team consults with the group to support each person’s process. Led by a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist and Health Educator.

The WorkStrong program is a rigorous wellness program that requires active participation. The effectiveness of the program is measured primarily by re-injury rates of the participants and secondarily by SF-36 pre- and post-questionnaire and pre- and post- fitness testing measurements. 


Our partners include the Employee Health Services, PM&R Therapies, and UC Davis Health Worker’s Compensation Department with support from the University of California, Office of the President (UCOP) Risk Services.

UCOP WorkStrong Program
UC Living Fit Forever


Julie Gross, PT                                       
WorkStrong Coordinator