In addition to the intellectual and cultural advantages of being a member of the University of California community, and the distinction of being part of one of the largest and most acclaimed institutions in higher education, University of California offers its employees some of the most attractive employment packages and career opportunities available. In many instances, we offer benefits, services and opportunities that others can't match.

Here is an overview of the outstanding advantages of UC employment:

  • MEDICAL PLANS — Full medical coverage for the entire family. UC provides an impressive selection of medical plans that considers the diverse needs of employees and their families and ensures access to quality providers.
  • DENTAL & VISION PLANS — These plans are fully paid by the university for employees and their families.
  • PAID VACATION — Generous vacation accrual begins the first day of work — 3 weeks per year to start for most career employees, increasing based on years of service.
  • PAID SICK LEAVE — Full-time employees earn 12 days per year with unlimited accrual.
  • PAID HOLIDAYS — Employees enjoy 13 days per year at most UC locations.
  • LIFE INSURANCE — UC automatically provides basic coverage for eligible employees and an array of affordable additional coverage is available for employees and their family members.
  • DISABILITY INSURANCE — UC automatically provides short- and long-term coverage for eligible employees, and a selection of affordable expanded coverage options is available.
  • WORKERS' COMPENSATION — Workers' Comp is provided as required under state law.
  • ACCIDENT INSURANCE — The university pays the full cost of business travel accident insurance to cover employees while traveling on official UC business. Employees can purchase low-cost accidental death and dismemberment insurance for themselves and family members.
  • LEGAL SERVICES PLAN — Employees may purchase insurance from the legal services plan.
  • AUTO, HOMEOWNER & RENTER INSURANCE — Employees can purchase insurance from these plans.
  • TAX-SAVINGS PLANS — Employees can pay their monthly health and welfare plan premiums, dependent child care expenses, and parking and transportation costs on a pre-tax basis through automatic payroll
  • RETIREMENT BENEFITS — The UC Retirement Plan, which is coordinated with Social Security, provides a substantial foundation for retirement. Highlights:

    • Defined benefits plan — benefits based on age, years of service, and salary
    • provides monthly retirement, survivor, and long-term disability income
    • Retirement eligibility at age 50 with 5 years of service
    • UC-sponsored medical plan coverage for eligible retirees and their families
  • SAVINGS INVESTMENT PLANS — For most people, more than half your retirement income will have to come from your own savings and investments. The university offers several attractive and convenient ways to supplement your retirement savings.

    • All employees automatically contribute to the Defined Contribution Pre-Tax Plan
    • Enjoy reduced personal income taxes due to the plans' tax-deferred design.
    • Employees may also participate in the Tax-Deferred 403(b) Plan
    • Numerous investment choices
    • Automatic payroll deduction
    • Six UC managed investment fund options for building retirement savings
    • Externally managed mutual fund investment options
    • 403(b) Plan Loan Program
    • Track your account balances and perform transactions on the Internet or over the telephone.

    • Pre-tax parking & Transportation benefits
    • Transit & Van Pool subsidies
    • Reduced rates for carpools

These exceptional benefits contribute substantially to the
overall value of an employee's total compensation. In fact, on average, these benefits represent 45 percent or more of an employee's annual salary.

...But the benefits of UC employment don't stop here. Working at the University of California also means enjoying many special employment programs, services, and privileges:

Ability to pursue career opportunities at numerous locations.

  • UC is a vast system encompassing 10 campuses; more than 100 schools, colleges, research centers, and other facilities that are engaged in more than 150 academic disciplines; 5 medical schools and 2 dental schools; 3 law schools; and 3 National Laboratories that we manage under contract with the federal government.
  • The opportunity to explore and take advantage of all the
    professional prospects it offers, and no matter where they are, your seniority and benefits move with you.
  • UC can be the gateway to nearly every known profession and avocation and to unlimited opportunities to pursue your goals, even as they change throughout the course of your career.
  • You can work in almost any region of California, other parts of the U.S., and even abroad.

Professional development—Institutional support for professional development that includes local employee training and development programs, and flexible UC work and leave policies that make it possible to pursue educational and training programs while employed.

Choice of work status—career, full-time, part-time,
temporary, contract, or internship positions that meet both your professional and personal needs.

Reduced tuition—for eligible employees who enroll in qualified UC classes.

Institutional commitment to "Work/Life" Wellness—programs and services that help employees balance their home and family obligations and work responsibilities, such as childcare facilities and eldercare counseling.

Employee assistance—counseling and referral services to
help employees work through a broad range of personal or family issues.

Rehabilitation services—that emphasize prevention to help employees avoid or accommodate disabling injuries or illnesses.

Commitment to workforce diversity—as reflect in Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action outreach, training, and development programs.

Additional employee privileges provided at some UC locations:

  • Recreational privileges and memberships at campus facilities
  • Free or discounted admission to cultural and athletic events
  • Library and bookstore privileges
  • House and rental assistance
  • Credit unions
  • Educational programs for employees and their families
  • Opportunities for involvement in joint UC community activities

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