Barbara Shacklett, Ph.D.
Tupper Hall
Room 3327
Davis Campus

Areas of investigation

Our research group focuses on cell-mediated immune responses to HIV and other viruses in mucosal tissues, and trafficking of lymphoid cells to mucosal tissues and the central nervous system.


Most studies of antiviral immunity have focused on peripheral blood. However, the majority of lymphocytes are harbored in lymphoid tissues throughout the body. Mucosal lymphoid tissues serve as a portal of entry for HIV and as a site of active viral replication and CD4+ T-cell depletion. Therefore, studies of mucosal immunity are of particular importance for our understanding of HIV pathogenesis. Understanding the induction of antiviral immunity at mucosal surfaces is also of great relevance for vaccine development, as the majority of HIV transmission occurs through sexual contact.


We have established methods to detect antigen-specific T cells in mucosal tissues using clinical samples obtained by minimally invasive methods. We use a combination of approaches including flow cytometry, cellular immunology, and molecular biology, to study the trafficking patterns and effector functions of antigen-specific T cells. These translational research projects involve active collaborations with clinicians at UC Davis Medical Center and the University of California, San Francisco.


  • Development of methods and approaches to study antiviral immunity in mucosal tissues during natural infection (i.e., HIV) and after vaccination
  • Identification of HIV and CMV-specific CD8+ T cells in gut-associated lymphoid tissue
  • Development of live, attenuated simian immunodeficiency viruses to study correlates of protective immunity to HIV/SIV in nonhuman primates

Questions addressed in ongoing studies

  • What are the effector functions of antiviral T-cells in mucosal tissues?
  • What is the relationship between CD8+ T cell frequency and HIV viral load in tissues?
  • What molecules (i.e., integrins, chemokines) are involved in the trafficking of antigen-specific T cells to mucosal tissues and to the central nervous system?
  • How do immunization routes correlate with the induction of antiviral T cell responses in tissues?

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