February 6 – March 12, 2016 (Main UC Davis campus)



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9 am: The Anatomy of Aging

A look at how and why we age, how much we actually control, and whether men or women do it better. Learn how some animals grow old with little or no sign of aging. From head to toe, we will explore how our organs age.

This class will frame the rest of the series.


10 am: New Thinking about Heart Health, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Learn why there are new guidelines in how blood pressure should be treated at sixty and older. Understand the dramatic shift in thinking as to who should and should not be on cholesterol medication. What is “congestive heart failure”? How is it possible to receive a new heart valve without open surgery? Why are we hearing so much now about “atrial fibrillation” and how your “CHADS” score tells whether you should be on blood thinning medication for it.


9 am: Nutrition: Does Anyone Know What to Believe Now?

As a registered dietitian with a doctorate in nutritional biology and board certified in sports dietetics, Dr. Braun brings a wealth of information on how best to fuel your vehicle for the long race!

In an era of dizzying and contradicting nutritional claims, she will provide evidence-based advice on what we should be eating, and why the halo has come off most vitamin and food supplements.

10 am: Preserving Joint Health and Function, and the Science of Joint Replacement
John P. Meehan, M.D., Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery

A leading joint reconstruction orthopaedist discusses the past decade of advances in joint replacement, separating out fact and fiction. Most importantly, he explains how to reduce the chance of needing it.


10 am: Fitness and Sports in Midlife and Beyond
Jeffrey L. Tanji, M.D.
Associate Medical Director, Sports Medicine, UC Davis Health

Popular sports medicine specialist Dr. Tanji reminds that being “over the hill” is where you pick up speed! A not-to-be-missed class, you will find passion to start getting fit regardless of age or shape.


9 am: Medications and the Older Adult
Timothy Cutler, PharmD.
Professor, UC San Francisco School of Pharmacy

The way we absorb and metabolize medications changes with age, and the effects of drugs on body and mind are increased. In an era in which taking ten or more medications is commonplace, learn why “less is more” as we get older. Learn not to let a medication misadventure be your final vacation.


10 am: The New Science of Sleep
Matthew Chow, M.D.
Associate Clinical Professor, Neurology
Co-Medical Director of the Sleep Medicine Lab

We tend to think of food and exercise as the two tickets to healthy aging. Learn why sleep is the third leg of the tripod. Is it a myth that we need less sleep with age? Is there anything new for insomnia? Why all the sudden interest in “sleep apnea”, and how can we suspect when we have it. What exactly are “parasomnias?”

Dr. Brass will explain why sleep, not space, is the final frontier.


9 am: The Aging Mind

We explore the aging mind from age-associated memory gaps to dementia, and what lies in between. Is Alzheimer’s truly a singular disease that can be prevented or cured?


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