February 4 – March 11, 2017 (Main UC Davis campus)


Saturday, FEBRUARY 4, 2017

9 am: The Anatomy of AgingBarbara Neyhart, M.D.

Saturday, FEBRUARY 11, 2017

9 am: Pain ManagementDavid Copenhaver, M.D.

10 am: Preserving Joint Health and Function, and the Science of Joint Replacement John P. Meehan, M.D.

Saturday, FEBRUARY 18, 2017

9 am: Nutrition: Does Anyone Know What to Believe Now?- Dana Lis, Ph.D.

10 am: Fitness and Sports in Midlife and BeyondKeith Baar, Ph.D.

Saturday, FEBRUARY 25, 2017

9 am: The Aging MindTheresa Harvath, Ph.D.

10 am: Skin & AgingOma Agbai, M.D.

Saturday, MARCH 4, 2017

9 am: Palliative Care & Hospice – Annie Hargadon, M.D.

*Guest Host Dr. Frederick Meyers, M.D.

Saturday, MARCH 11, 2017

9 am: Vascular Health & Stroke – Julie Freischlag, M.D.

10am: The Science of SleepMatthew Chow, M.D.

New Thinking about Heart Health, Blood Pressure and CholesterolCharles Whitcomb, M.D.

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