State-of-the-art vascular care

The UC Davis Vascular Center is dedicated to providing comprehensive, current and interdisciplinary care for vascular conditions. A major emphasis is coordinating the efforts of multiple specialists who provide different aspects of care for a seamless, integrated treatment approach. The center's clinical services encompass all elements of vascular care, including diagnostic evaluations and medical management, non-invasive testing, surgical care, diagnostic angiography and endovascular therapeutics (minimally invasive procedures), and inpatient services and critical care. 

Diseases and conditions we treat at the Vascular Center

From abdominal aortic aneurysms to varicose veins, find out more about different vascular conditions along with risk factors, preventions and treatments.

Clinical research
Innovative clinical trials contribute to scientific advances and improve care for vascular patients worldwide.

Our team
A complete team of specialists who are united in their dedication to improving quality of life for those with vascular conditions.

Guidelines for primary-care providers
How primary-care providers can link with our specialists to assure quality care for vascular patients.